Natural hair journey

This is my second attempt at going natural. The first time was back in December 2007 I chopped off all my hair because of guy stress lol. It didn’t work out so well the first time because I had no idea what I was doing and I eventually slapped on the creamy crack (hair relaxer).

Fast forward to October 2013, this was when I had my last hair relaxer in prep for my JHB trip to attend the Rihanna concert. Around this time my hair was long but it was very unhealthy. I used to flat iron it probably every other day and I wasn’t using a heat protector. I basically fried my hair. My scalp was damaged and I had so much dandruff. It was just nasty.

Between November and December 2013, Pam tweeted about going natural and how bad the creamy crack was for us. This was when I finally committed to going natural, her tweets were the final push for me.

I was due for a relaxer in December 2013 but I chose not to go through with it. The plan was to grow out my hair until it was at a length I could live with and then cut off the relaxed hair. I later learnt the term for that process was transitioning.
Transitioning was hard for me. I didn’t know the dos and don’ts so basically I was at war with 2 textures which proved really difficult.
I had no idea there were ways to make this process easier or where to get the information so my hair was always in a ponytail and I hated wash days because I honestly could not deal with the 2 textures.

So in Feb 2015 when my virgin hair reached pondo length I chopped the relaxed hair off. I was so happy when I had my big chop because it was the start of a new life for my hair and I later realised it would give me new life as well. I researched ways to care for my afro on the internet and found that there was a lot of information out there. So much that if you’re not careful you’ll get overwhelmed and quit altogether.

Until a year ago I’ve only ever loved my hair when it was relaxed but I now realise how boring my relaxed hair was. It was so average. Glad I’m done with average because my afro surprises me all the time. It does its own thing and I love it!

I have come to realise that Afro hair is absolutely beautiful and it is never boring. The trick is to learn how to take care of it.

I want to share what I know and help you bring out the bold fro in you so in the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned as well as answer questions about how I grew my afro and what products I used. I’m not an expert so I can only share about my experience.

Have you tried growing your afro? What has been your experience?

By @NoniMsi