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Head CHICA In Charge: Nelisiwe Masango – Founder Of Bear Run Investment

Financial Freedom made easy through Forex Trading With Nelisiwe Masango

With a passion for financial markets and investment, she is definitely a force to be reckoned with. I met Nelisiwe Masango in one of her workshops she held at the Sandton Convention Centre about a month ago. Her aim is to transform ordinary people to millionaires through Forex Trading. Yes, she owns and runs her own company called Bear Run Investment. Her passion for financial markets and investment makes her a trailblazer and a force to be reckoned with.

This is what the now 25 years old had to say:

1. Please tell us about your childhood. What type of child were you growing up and what was your passion?

I was fortunate enough to have a great upbringing in an environment that encouraged me to succeed in everything that I do. Academics were always first preference as I was always in the top 10 if not number 1 in the grade. I was an all-rounder, participating in cultural activities and some sports. I wasn’t the best athlete but I always managed to stay on the A/first team. I did incredibly well in dramatic arts as it went together with my flamboyant personality. Above all else, people were my passion. When you’re popular in school and get along with everyone you start to become empathetic and can relate very easily to the next person. This quality has been one of my strengths in business today.

2. What was your career choice after you matriculated?

As much as I thought of being a doctor and practicing neurology, the entrepreneur bug was always embedded within me so venturing into business both academically and practically was my end goal.

3. You are now Founder and CEO of Bear Run Investment, how did that come about?

Bear Run Investments isn’t my first or only business but it is my most successful one to date. BRI was conceived from a place of wanting to help others learn more about their finances without having to rely on advisors or their spouses. I taught myself all about trading and investing and saw a great opportunity in imparting such information to the next person. To date, we have very successful traders that have trained through Bear Run Investments and I’m proud to say that we are the most well branded, reliable and efficient forex training company.

4. There must have been obstacles along your way, can you please talk us through those and how you overcame them?

As any entrepreneur would know, finances plays a significant role in a new business. I didn’t have anything in the beginning but learnt something so important “live below your means”. This lesson taught me to respect money as if it were a person. One needs to understand money to be able to make it. Making money is only the first step to success. You need to then multiply it and also diverse your business interests which is why I started a residential recruitment company called ND Group Inc and a female empowering organisation called FeFine (which stands for Females with Finance)

5. You are known to be the First Lady of Forex, please tell us briefly what Forex is and what attracted you to Forex trading?

I was given this nickname by clients and people who have attended our seminars. Most people have never come across a woman that can handle her finances let alone teach others to do the same so I think that’s where it spiralled from. The finance industry is dominated by men so when a young ambitious and successful woman comes along, people stop and stare. I started trading on the derivatives market once I had a good understanding of the equities market but the best thing about trading forex is that there are no limitations. Forex doesn’t care what race you are, what your qualifications are and most importantly if the markets are going up or down. Forex trading is the best way to capitalize on a weaken economy in the same way that you’d capitalize on a volatile market. Either way, money can be generated from the comfort of your home in both bull and bear markets.

6. If you had an opportunity to start your career journey over again, is there anything you would do differently?

I’ve come to learn that everything has its own timing and even if the road may change direction God makes all paths straight. If it’s meant to be it shall come to pass, therefore, I’m satisfied with how everything turned out.

7. What is your leadership philosophy?

I was elected by my peers to be part of various school leadership committees. I’ve learnt that a leader leads by example. You cannot be a contradiction to your principles and teaches, you also cannot expect the very things that you cannot fulfil. Leadership is often overlooked but is the driving mechanism in our society.

8. Do you personally mentor anyone, if yes, what is your take on mentorship?

Mentorship in all areas of life plays a big role in building a person’s confidence and character. FeFine mentor’s young girls, to promote confidence within and to also teach them that success is not found in any man, neither are material objects. In this life, if you want something you need to work for it. Bear Run Investments offers a forex trading mentorship program called the “Millionaire Trader Mentorship” where we take on clients who have never traded before and turn them into trading maestros. I oversee all mentorship programs and interact with all our girls and clients but at this stage I don’t personally mentor anyone yet.

9. What do you do in your spare time to relax?

That’s a tough one to answer because I hardly ever relax. Running three business is very demanding and I can admit to being a workaholic. Now and again I try to squeeze in some time to treat myself to some pampering either a facial or a lovely massage with some champagne.

10. What drives you?

Being the best that I can be is the only thing that drives me. I compete with the future me that is much smarter and successful than I am today. The future Nelisiwe is my biggest and only competition as she keeps me driven, focused and striving for greater heights.

11. You’ve done a lot in your career journey, what is next for you?

We have an amazing event taking place on 19 November 2016 at the Sandton Convention Centre from 12h00 -15h00. This event is presented by FeFine (Females with Finance) and will be only for women. Women of all ages, races and social backgrounds are welcome to attend. The theme is Beyonces “Formation” so everyone needs to dress according to the theme. We will touch base on how women can achieve financial independence through entrepreneurship, investing and trading. It’s more of a “get your finances in formation” type of event. They can reserve a seat by sending an email to:

12. Briefly tell us how do people get hold of you if they want start with Forex Trading classes and what are the benefits if they register with Bear Run Investment?

As mentioned previously, Bear Run Investments has been featured on many platforms such as CNBC Africa, Metro FM, Power FM, Cliff Central, SABC 1, eNCA and the Santam 1001 Days campaign just to name a few. We are the one of the very few training companies to receive such great publicity and client feedback. All our clients do exceptionally well once they’ve completed our training program and all results and testimonials posted are of our existing clientele.

FeFine will be hosting a seminar on Financial Freedom for Women on Saturday, 19 November 2016 from 12pm to 3pm at the Sandton Convention Centre. Entrance to this opportunity to empower yourself is free of charge.

For all the lovely ladies that would like to be a FeFine member or attend the event they can email the ladies:, visit the website:, like their Facebook page: Female With Finance and follow them on Twitter: @FeFine_BRI. Nelisiwe herself is also on Twitter and Instagram, both: @bri_nelisiwe.

Anyone keen on trading forex can email the team: , visit their website: and like their Facebook page: Bear Run Investments. They are @BearRun_Invest on Twitter and can be found on 0115133108.

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