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Mixed Reaction About Lockdown But It Has Me Shook


I don’t always get to watch a lot of TV, unless it’s the weekend or I am on leave. If there is one thing DStv has gotten right, it has to be the local content on its platform. They have been the pioneers in grooming local talent both off and on screen. I truly applaud them for this as it has entertained us so much and made it so enjoyable to watch content that is relatable to the average South African.

One drama series that has got me shook a bit is Lockdown. There seems to be mixed feelings about this series from the masses. I am curious to see what the viewer numbers look like. A birdie has told me that the show has fast become an SA with thousands of impressions online requesting it be included on all DStv bouquet Catch-Up options.

For those who have not watched yet: “The motley crew of Lockdown’s female inmates is led by the tough Ma Z , a leader who wants nothing more than to gain her freedom so that she can become a good and present mother to the daughter she left on the outside. Cunning and not beyond using manipulation, she co-ops those she can – be the other inmates or wardens – to meet her end goal. One of those people happens to be the beautiful and talented Monde, a young woman who left the cocoon of her small town life to pursue fame and fortune in the dazzling lights of Egoliwood. Instead, what she got was infamy, thanks to her wily money-hungry boyfriend/producer Zakes, who introduced her to a notorious lifestyle that landed her in jail.” (DStv)


The cast –  issa ghel power!

Before I even got to watch the first episode, I fell in love with the idea of watching something that has a female-dominated cast. That on its own got me the biggest smile ever. The next thing that got me easily interested were both the familiar and unfamiliar faces we would see in the season. Great to see our legends and young talent, working together to give us a great show. I won’t lie, I do get tired of seeing the same faces on different channels but this is not an article on “open up the industry”.

It’s great to see Lorcia Cooper back on our screens doing what she does best. She is someone most of us got to meet during the “Backstage” days. The days with the hideous Duke – gosh – hahahaha. She plays the annoying and tough Tyson well. Can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us.

Slindile Nodangala, who plays the boss lady, Prison Govenor is another fav! She did not let being fired from Generations get her down that’s for sure. The role suites her and she is believable. I would visit a prison any day if she was the governor. LOL She looks like she serves fire mgosi.


I am for the first time, learning of Zola Nombona, who plays the superstar that is dating a weirdo of a guy who is a producer and big junkie. Personally, I don’t think he plays the role well. But that is just me. Back to the ladies. I am taking time warming up to Monde’s character but her talent looks promising. I am definitely going to enjoy watching her.

*drum roll please* I have found a new on-screen love. Who is Dawn Thandeka King (plays Mazet)? Where has she been all my life? How do I get a hold of her? My goodness what talent. This is the first character I fell in love with and still am in love with. I am not an expert on TV production but what I do know is that Dawn was one of the best choices for this show. I would love to see more of her on our screens. I think I will also start being a regular on “Uzalo” just to get my dose of Thandeka. In case you were wondering, her Twitter handle is @DawnTKing.

Have you watched the show? What do you think? Who is your fav so far?

By Keagi

11 comments on “Mixed Reaction About Lockdown But It Has Me Shook”

  1. I love it, its great. I love all the women, they are doing a great job.
    I used to think Dawn Thandeka King can't act, when watching uzalo. But on this show she is great.
    Mam Rubi is a great actress. I love watching her anywhere. She's amazing.

    1. This was actually my first time seeing Thandeka on screen. I absolutely loved her hey. I have never watched Uzalo before

  2. I just watched my 1st episode of it yesterday and it's really really good. Initially when I read about it, I thought that they would copy Orange Is The New Black but I feel that Lockdown is more realistic that OITNB as it's more grittier & it gives a truer reflection of what happens in prisons. OITNB feels a bit more glamourised in my opinion.

    Well done to the actresses. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and hope that they increase it to more episodes per week. I can't wait for next week Monday!

    1. A lot of people said it resembled Orange is the New Black but I am glad there are people who are able to see the major differences. Let's watch again tomorrow. I really feel bad for Mazet. Wonder if Alphi will make it alive yazi

  3. I love this local drama series because of raw and real it is. It does not shy away from showing us what life in prison is like.I like that nothing is sugarcoated.Female convicts can be as dangerous as their male counterparts and that is a scary truth.I would not like to be in a cell with the likes of Tyson. Lorcia Cooper is a phenomenal actress and only a seasoned actress could portray the role of a hardcore criminal as well as she does.

  4. I haven't had time to watch but i will certainly be catching up on this drama this weekend..Everyone is talking about it #FOMO

  5. There's an insurance advert that Dawn Thandeka does where she's a widow at a medium in a caravan, who let's her talk to her dead husband. She goes off at him about him not leaving them money and now she has to wash her own car and no more ballet for Thoko (I think). Oh I love that ad, she kills it.

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