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Daniel Wellington: How Elegance Reminded Me Of The Value Of Time

I have been thinking a lot of about TIME lately and I promise it's not because I'm a new proud owner of a Daniel Wellington watch! I have been thinking about my birthday next year, and though I am not big on birthday celebrations, the fact that this year I spent my birthday studying for an exam has been one of the biggest pains of my 2017. As a result, I have decided to make sure that my next birthday is one for the books. And so it shall be!

I have also been thinking about my son's birthday next week, wondering what to get him to make it special for him and until receiving my Daniel Wellington delivery earlier this week, I wasn't quite sure what that would be but now I know it's going to be DW watch!

A friend of mine suggested I buy him a car and I was left confused as to whether he knew he was talking to mere me and not some version of Patrice Motsepe.

daniel wellington

In my thoughts about TIME, I have also been thinking about how having left Celebrity Blogging shifted my focus from watching people live their lives to spending more time enjoy my own life. One of the greatest gifts I'm grateful for from the shift has been knowing that my time is mine. It's the most amazing feel, I'm definitely happier.


I must credit DW for some of these thoughts, because they came to my mind as I admired my new watch and thought about its purpose.

If you haven't heard of Daniel Wellington - it is a Swedish watch brand that sells timeless (excuse the irony) and elegant timepieces to watch lovers worldwide!


Apart from watches, there are also accessories and you are able to buy additional straps/watch bands. The good news though is that DW have been kind enough to provide me with a 15% discount code (MSLELOB) that CHICA readers can use on until the end of September! It's a great offer so perhaps a great opportunity to start doing that Christmas gift! Yep, it's almost that TIME too!

Happy shopping 🙂


"Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity." Henry van Dyke




9 comments on “Daniel Wellington: How Elegance Reminded Me Of The Value Of Time”

  1. Oooooh NICE. I've had my eye on DW time pieces for some time now. I'm so hurt that this discount code will end in September, since I'm only getting my bonus in October **silent tears**

  2. It is a lovely offer to Chica readers mara Unisa must be paid akere. Only if DW Could extend the offer, just because Ms Lelo.

    Besides the beautiful timepiece, your thoughts around time are thought provoking. One realises how much of value there is to "our" time. When used accurately, you reap the rewards. You might have lost some time ⌚ just to celebrate your birthday, BUT what you've achieved through your studies, is the best birthday gift you could give to yourself.

      1. Eish Unisa neh!!
        Soon we'll be walking on that red carpet.
        All the very best with your studies and career path. Stay awesome

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