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Why I Hope This Is The End Of Being Mary Jane

Man, Mary Jane! What haven't we experienced with and through her?! We sure have come a long way and every bit of pain, humiliation, joy, disappointment she felt through the years, we felt with her. But I'm tired now. 

It's been a long road till Season 4. Do you remember when we were Team Andre or Team David?

Being Mary Jane

Before there was Ghost, there was Andre and boy was he something!!! My heart though, was with David and I SO wanted him and Mary Jane to work out. I feel like he's the one that got away.

Being Mary Jane

Not the one that got hosed away hehehe like Andre.

I'm really tired just thinking of MJ's history... Do you remember Sheldon?

Being mary Jane

That damn selfish Sheldon? We all liked him at first coz he came wrapped in sheep skin but then he dropped the “Given your history with men, you know I’ll be the best offer you’ll get.” line at MJ. The cheek!

Being Mary Jane

After making a fuss about her getting too comfortable in his house, asking how she got his house's security code lol (but MJ though), and then talking about how he doesn't believe in cohabiting bathong, I'm getting upset just remembering this guy.

Oh my word, and then there was Lisa and that confession to David that MJ overhead causing her to crash her car.

Being Mary Jane

My word, and that lead to this - how can we forget the quickest recovery on earth! The one that was so bad it left her with zero scars on her face?? Miracles I tell you.

And Lisa committing suicide , David having a baby with someone else...

Being Mary Jane

David really hurt me... Every season I waited for him to come back but clearly he moved on.

I will never forget this scene at the end of season 2, after discovering MJ had stolen his sperm coz she so desperately wanted a baby:


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We also had Cutty Buddy at some point during the show, I just couldn't understand why MJ picked that GandaGanda of a guy , he scared me.

Being Mary Jane

Then MJ experimented with white men and stopped at the part where she told dude she actually likes Black Men... I remember cringing at that scene. There have been many moments in the show where I felt MJ was extra and unnecessarily rude but hey, I still love her. Frustration manifests in many ways, I guess.

Season 3 was probably one of the best for those who are into shows that highlight social issues but for me it was the worst - thanks to this lady's character:

Being mary Jane

There are shows one watches for Comrade/Amandla vibes and BMJ wasn't that show for me so I really got frustrated at this lady's scenes and her woke monologues. I wanted to watch MJ and her relationship issues. At some point even her family drama was featuring more than her life, the whole season 3 felt disjointed for me.

Season 4 though, really more than made up for a lot of things! I got to see the real MJ again. We got introduced to Lee... he was so not MJ's type but he provided her the stability and attention she needed at that time. Even though I was happy with this for about two minutes, I quickly got bored with this relationship and episode after episode I kept waiting for them to break up.

Being Mary Jane

I felt like MJ was settling and really disliked that. I know it's weird, that in all these seasons and episodes we wanted her to find love but when she eventually found it, I didn't want it because it wasn't packaged in the David/Andre/Sheldon type of package I thought suited her. Lee really made the show boring, let's be honest, or maybe I just wasn't ready to watch her become his wife.

And then entered King Justin in our lives! *hearts* 

Yhuuu Thixo! Lawd we thank you for your creations... Amen!

Justin Being Mary Jane

Oh how we hated him when he first got on to the show. I know a lot of people still did not trust him when he started dating MJ but I remained hopeful because he simply ticked all my boxes. With all the drama and everything that happened between them, it ended here... right here with this beautiful, special moment:

Granted, it's a beautiful moment that could be ruined by the fact that MJ had just returned from the Dr where she was getting implanted with two embryos.. sigh. Meaning she could be pregnant with a sperm donor's baby, which could in turn ruin things with Justin. This is exactly why I don't want the show to continue past this point! Is anyone with me??

We have seen enough disappointments, enough suffering, enough heartbreaks, I just want MJ to be happy now. Sure life doesn't always work out that way but it's TV after all, we need a happy ending and I know for a fact there is no way a new season will give us Justin and MJ living happily ever after. Not with Justin accepting this child, (if MJ falls pregnant) there will have to be drama and I don't know about you folks but I am tired of MJ drama. More of this, it will now turn into a soapie and I'm worried about all these beautiful Season 4 moments with Justin getting ruined, wiped out or forgotten hle!

I know it's taken me a while to get to my point but I feel like this ending would be the perfect cliff hanger to end the show. We would be left wondering if MJ accepts Justin's marriage proposal, whether she falls pregnant, how he reacts to the pregnancy... and I don't think it's a bad thing to leave us hanging. What more can MJ do in Season 5,6,7,8.9 that she hasn't done already? I hope the season 4 finale is the last we've seen of Being Mary Jane.


I'd really miss Kara though. What a selfless human! She and Orlando made the cutest, sweetest couple! Let's also leave that relationship at this happy point please.

I think I've said a mouthful, though I haven't even touched on MJ's family drama. A lot has happened and I think the show's also had a good run, let's take a bow now.

Would love to hear your thoughts as well please? What are your thoughts on BMJ? You want more? Why?

By @MsLeloB

21 comments on “Why I Hope This Is The End Of Being Mary Jane”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly! Sibongile. BMJ's cliff-hanger happy ending with Justin is all we need. Maybe in 10 years they can do a BMJ reunion and we'll see what happened. Honestly, girl has been through so much it's time she flourished now. OR David comes back for good because I'm forever #TeamDavid <3

  2. Oh my im still catching up on the made me so anxious!!! Oh my mary jane can she just have a happy ending hle

  3. I'm also happy with how things ended. (But first let me just confess that I skipped season 3 entirely; as soon as that woke lady featured prominently, I stopped watching so this has been a nice summary - thanks Lelo! LOL).

    Anyways, season 4 was the bomb. Justin is the perfect guy for MJ, and I'm glad that the proposal happened when she'd just done something selfish and spontaneous. I don't see the need for more seasons - it will just drag and then Justin will leave - all these men leave MJ – and then another man will come along....

  4. Thanks for season 3 summary because I also ditches it as it got too serious for me. But Justin is the man and MJ deserves a break so they should just end it here. Somehow I always saw myself in MJ even though she is extreme but I just hope this is it for her

  5. Oh Gosh that Ganda Ganda was such an airhead. I didn't like that bit and was left hanging with MJ's family. The drug addict brother and that BEE front younger brother. What happened with them? I feel you also on the comrade vibes they introduced in later seasons. 1. I felt the police brutality bit was not suitable for BMJ 2. The accident extortion bit. It dragged on and on unnecessarily and I felt like it was a sudden script change.

  6. And oh! Lee was a bore. Remeber MJ asking about his masculinity bevause of how he crossed his legs and drank his tea... that was funny! I stopped watching around then

  7. Hai shem me I want more, simply because I want the happily ever after story ending, & cant handle this major cliff hanger moment.

  8. I was Team David for a long time then came Justin(Wow) what a man, what a creation!! I also agree, can it end here. I don't want to see how Justin will react to the pregnancy(if she is). Can MJ just have a happy ending hle bathong.

  9. One thing I missed since MJ moved to New York was seeing her house:( I loved the Atlanta setting, NY seemed dull and dark most time and also her wardrobe is boring in season 4.
    I will feel cheated if we do not get some sort of closure; a movie would do then to wrap it up if it will not be continued for another season.

  10. I wont lie, i immediately prayed for MJ to loose the baby because i know that will cause havoc between Her and Justin.(He likes attention that one) I know I know! -I just want her to win in this love thing.

    But what if she chickened out and didnt go through with the procedure?

    Anyways: i day dream about invading MJP's wardrobe hle!

  11. Am I the only one that like Lee ladies? Come now... I liked Lee he was original or maybe unique is the word.

    I feel he was from a different world than MJ's which in reality that's what we need someone who will give what you don't know or have, introduce you to a different world and learn (guys Lee was loving bathong he was there)

    Lee had a reality dilemma also where they were dealing with a baby mama and kids,think about it...yes it's a story but we need some reality to it what we deal with everyday feel me?

    But ya the show can rest now, we've seen it all and MJ can get her happy ending.
    Great article Lelo 🙂

    1. i loved Mary Jane with Lee. Lee was so original, charming and romantic......and come on, did we all forget where he punched the other reporter (who used to be Mary Jane's colleague, i think) in the face........damn..........a girl could use some really amazing protection. personally, i'd give anything to have a man defend me that

    1. I was wondering about this and thought maybe Orlando had Justin’s ring and that’s what Kara saw. Need to rewind and see Kara’s ring pic vs the one Justin proposed with

  12. Mr Catty... GhandaGhanda indeed . That man used to scare me! . Anyway .... my thoughts are...if the series continues MJ probably wont hv a happy ending. Out of desperation for the happily ever after she has been yearning for I see her repeating her mom's mistakes... keeping quite abt the baby and pinning the pregnancy to Justin. It's probably best to leave us hanging with season4 as the last one... Otherwise it will drag on... we hv seen it all hay ngekhe. Our hearts Bantu. It's enough

  13. The movie is amazing.....i never liked Mary Jane with Andre......jeez, David was who i initially wanted her to end up with......Mary Jane is so extra.....she could at least have tried to work things out with David.......but i understand that some girls will never lower their standards.....then came the cutty buddy (or something)......ewwwww........too much sex (it was disgusting)...........then i missed her atlanta apartment (am i the only one that daydreams about how dope that house is?).........lolzzzzzzz..........then came LEE........i just loved Lee.....he was a typical guy.....had kids (understandable).........but he lost me at the part where he made a joke about MJs family (that was so ewwwww)........then came Justin (the fine guy with the deceptive eyes).......i hated that MJ fell for him.....i dont trust that guy one bit........and then fact that she slept with him and consequently broke up with Lee???........i got upset with MJ.........lolzzzzz.........summarily, nice show......

  14. I think if she had a season where she didn’t hoe and literally was raising her child or being pregnant and then the show shifts it’s focus onto Kara’s family life and the other character’s life. A season with no man would be amazing.

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