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If You Were Asked To Write The #BeingMaryJane Finale Script...

How would it end?

Well, well, well. It seemed our pleas that we have seen enough of Mary Jane's ups and downs and we just want a happy ending were heard.

BET has just announced that the Season 4 was the last and the Series will end with a 2 hour Movie Special in 2018. We don't actually know if there will be a happy ending but it sounds like they will bring back some of the old characters to answer questions. Imagine David coming back and MJ Having to choose between him and Justin? lol my mind is already on overdrive about what could possibly happen.


Here's what the star of the show said:

To Every Fan of Being Mary Jane, We have all worked so tirelessly to bring you a show that we could be proud to be a part of. Mary Jane has become my favorite character. We've screwed up together, laughed together, evolved together, and raised hell together. I love all her imperfections, and through playing her I became more forgiving of others who are imperfect and on the journey of self discovery and improvement. We watched her struggle with relationships with both men and women, and we watched her finally start to get her shit together.

But the journey isn't over yet. We, as a Being Mary Jane family, cannot wait to bring you this final 2 hour series finale movie that will answer all your questions about each and every character. More than anything, however, we want to thank you with every fiber of our being for faithfully watching the show and supporting our work... from the actors, writers, producers, directors and enormous crew over the years, we are humbled and we remain grateful. Thank you! - Gabrielle Union, October 2017

So knowing that it's coming to an end, and that there should be drama: If you were asked to write the finale script for Being Mary Jane, What would happen in the movie and how would it end? 

Now, don't think about what you want, think about what would be entertaining for viewers.

Go Wild!


One comment on “If You Were Asked To Write The #BeingMaryJane Finale Script...”

  1. MBJ will say yes, not mention that she might be pregnant. Keep it a secret and not tell a soul. After giving birth, the kid will have complications that he must get blood transfusion, that's when the truth will come out that it is not David's son. Then the ex comes back and take the child with, full custody. David gets heart broken once again, and MBJ kiss goodbye to David, and her high school sweetheart comes back 'forgot his name' he's now in a messy divorce, MBJ helps him heal, and eventually gets married.

    MJB's dad finally gets the divorce, the mom hits it off with that man, and later she finds out that he's cheating, she gets depressed and leave him.

    PJ is now the hot ish in property, employed his brother (well, half brother) and the dad joined them as an advisor or consultant.

    Nancy eventually opens a salon, she finishes her studies. Baby daddies come running back, but she's over them now.

    And MJB's friend, she's theeeee biggest Italian producer, happily married to her football turned analyst man, finally got full custody of the kids and live happily ever after.

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