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#CHICA15 This & That With Linda Mtoba

The first time I got to know of Linda Mtoba was in March last year when pictures of her traditional wedding pics went viral on social media. I was struck by how breathtakingly beautiful she is and of course the next best thing was to find her on instagram, huuu I was not ready for the awesomery!

South Africans got to know Linda as KZN kindergarten teacher turned Zama Ngwenya in Isibaya but to me she became an obsession, and this was purely based on the person I saw beyond the stunning visuals on her social media pages. I fell in love with her spirit, her love for her man, her love for food and of course, her TRAVELS! Linda's travels are everything man, well, if you live on her Instagram Stories like I do, then you already know this! I will be honest and say the following Q&A is as much for you as it is for me 🙂

I had to chat to her because there is something special about her and this time next year, Linda will be mega star! I just know it!

Linda (25) recently left Isibaya for another TV show she did not disclose. In an interview with TruFM this past weekend, she joked that "She will meet us at the river" (she sang this like Mafikizolo's Emlanjeni).. and my wild imagination went into overdrive so I've concluded she's joining the new 1Magic Telenovela, The River. Time will tell if this is true or not but The River's casting director is the same guy who cast her as Zama in Isibaya so yah, sizobona.

Linda Mtoba

I loved reading her fun responses to the following questions, I hope they make you see what I see in her 🙂

LeloB: If you had to have a label on your forehead that explains who you are, what would it say?

Linda Mtoba: Joy ride? I think

What do the people in your life value most about you?

Linda: I’m very loving

What is the one personal belonging you value above all others, and why?

Linda: My husband does he count as a belonging? If not my wedding ring. It symbols a promise to love forever, who wouldn’t want that.

What’s the one thing you cannot resist, no matter how hard you try?

Linda: Cake & ice cream!! Dessert!!

Which movie can you watch over and over again and not get tired?

Linda: PS I love you. It’s also my PMS movie it makes me cry and sob uncontrollably. I love it.

What is the one thing you absolutely cannot stand?

Linda: People who are rude & ill mannered.

What is the worst advice you have ever received?

Linda: “Eat it, it’s not hot “! Jokes... growing up we’re taught as women to feel less than and to submit to men. My mother was firm believer in the opposite, so when old ladies said that as pearls of wisdom I already knew it was hogwash.

What piece of advice do you think should be passed onto every child?

Linda: It’s gonna be cliche but it’s the absolute truth.You can be anything you want to be. To dream big and dream different.

Linda Mtoba

Complete the sentence: Every woman needs to know that______________.

Linda: She’s already a goddess just by being born a woman. It’s a superpower like no other.

If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be?


What do you wish you had known about money when you got your 1st pay check?

Linda: It runs out! Fast!

Which book has changed your life or holds lifelong lessons for you?

Linda: Eckhart Tolle. All of them. The Power of Now was the first one I read and it gave me a new set of eyes to see the world and myself in.

What is your unfulfilled goal?

Linda: A summer body, every year I try. I’d love to learn how to play the piano.

If you could go back in time and re-do one thing, what would it be?

Linda: Not re-do but re-live, it would be my wedding.

What would you do if you were granted the superpower of being invisible for just one day?

Linda: Rob a bank! Also see if Beyoncé poops like us normal people.

Linda Mtoba

I look forward to watching this young lady's career blossom.

Follow her on Social Media, she is @Linda_Mtoba

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