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Why I'm Starting The Chica Travel Podcast

I am super excited to share this and I hope you guys will be just as excited to hear that I'm launching a new podcast called Chica Travel as an alternative space for us discuss and share all the travel stories we share here.

I love traveling, I love talking about travel, sharing my experiences and hearing people share their travel stories and because I have gotten lazy to sit down and blog (I'm old now guys), I figured a podcast would be the best way for us to continue the conversation. Every time I travel, some of you ladies ask if I'm going to blog about the trip, and I usually say yes in excitement, but never get to do it so this is a way to make sure I keep my promises 🙂

I also get a huge number of questions from people on social media who ask for travel tips and advice but I don't always have the answers so having this Podcast will allow me an opportunity to get your travel questions answered by industry experts and people who travel more than I do.

Contrary to popular belief, I only travel a handful (at most) of times a year so it's always confusing when people message and ask if I'm in the country. Heheh Stop it guys.

The Chica Travel podcast will tackle different travel topics including, How to pack stylishly for your trip, the Ins and Outs of Solo Travel, Girls Trips, Travel Insurance, Baecations, in depth discussions on Must See Destinations, Budgeting for Travel and so much more.

And now for the other GOOD NEWS!!

The Travel Podcast is already available for you to listen and enjoy. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, I got you!

You can search for CHICA Travel wherever you listen to podcasts (including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast (available with every android phone), Stitcher etc) or click on the images below:

Travel badge podcast

apple podcast

Apple allows you to review and rate a podcast so if you'd like to do that, would be much appreciated, otherwise please feel free to give me feedback on Social Media through the hashtag, #ChicaTravelPod.

If you'd like to suggest topics for the podcast, or you have a question you’d like to get answered, please get in touch with me via social media @Mslelob or send an email to travel @

You can listen to the CHICA Travel Trailer here: Apple / Android 

I’m so excited!! I hope you will join me on this journey!!!


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