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Jacob Mason On Why He's Attracted To Black Women

A couple of months ago I came across a video of Jacob Mason talking about why he loves black women.

I was intrigued so I watched the almost 10mins long video and it left me with mixed feelings. Sure it was interesting that this good looking man was talking so nicely about black women but there was something about it that just didn't feel genuine. So being cynical me, the first thing I noticed when I watched Jacob's video was what looks like a sink full of dishes behind him and my first thought was " I hope you don't love them coz you want them to come wash those dishes." I know, I know, that's bad and I was embarrassed to have thought of that when this seemingly nice guy was really just showing love to women society hasn't been very loving to.

Jacob Mason

It turns out he's been getting a lot of hate on social media and on Youtube since posting that video, with a number of black women questioning his motives. He also gets an equal amount of love though because reading through his youtube comments, there are lots of black sisters who are super appreciative of his love for them.

As I was watching his video, I came across another Vlogger who isn't about the Jacob life. Her reasons though, had me on the floor. This lady recorded a 9 minutes long video to tell us that :

" I think he's gay or bisexual because his eyebrows are on point. His mannerisms doesn't tell me that he loves black women." 

LOL you black women have super powers, seriously.

Watch her video HERE or check out the short clip posted on our Facebook and Instagram.

Another vlogger has a different opinion:

"Why do we as black women, find it so incredibly difficult to receive praise and love. Why are we always meeting that with suspicion?" Christelyn Karazin

So, when you get time, please watch Jacob's video and let me know your thoughts on him? Do you think he's genuine and adds a meaningful voice or you also think he is fetishizing black women?

Oh, apparently he's also just launched an interracial dating site in America, so does he love black women or he's just found a market for his business? Would love to hear your thoughts!

By LeloB

16 comments on “Jacob Mason On Why He's Attracted To Black Women”

  1. Not genuine... sounds like he is blabbing on about things he has heard other people say. he must date one for about 3yrs then I'll believe that he is not doing it for that extra like/view on the Tube

  2. Hahah dishes comment.
    Will watch the vid when I get a chance.
    Always so sceptical when I hear a white guy going on about his preference for chocolate love. My friend and I met a beautiful Serbian man a while ago who was preaching the same thing. But u was hating on white women in describing his preference which turned us off. It also sounded like he believed he was doing some empowerment job for what sounded like sad being in dire need of a pick me up. Also, the fact that I loved a woman automatically made us think he just wanted a black woman because of her skin colour and that ANY black woman would do. Hayi cheating type vibes.

  3. Not real for me...I dont like the part where he says "Black women are not appreciated" and he wants to uplift us, who says we need upliftment. He keeps on saying we need to be loved, appreciated and uplifted but everyone needs that why this is specific to us?

  4. I don't think this guy is real.
    He preys on black women with low self esteem who would be so grateful that a white man looked in their direction.
    I was annoyed when he said ''I like black women because they go through more than what other people go through in a normal day.''
    This guy has a messiah complex and he believes he is there to save black women and that the world should applaud him for doing the wonderful 'duty' of dating black women.

    1. That's probably because you're most likely a racist Black mail who has delusions that Black women are YOURS when we are actually TOTALLY FREE to like and be attracted to whichever ethnicity. If a woman is not dating or married to YOU specifically she's NOT YOURS. Be a miscegenator does not equal low self esteem. You're just a hater who needs to mind his own business. Some Black women aren't attracted to Black men and DON'T have to be. Gert over it! We're NOT YOURS and many of us don't want to be. The issue is YOURS not ours.

  5. Mmmmh personally i'm not too much of a fan of over the top random acts of love from gents like Jacob and the likes towards black women. It's really complex for me and i'm not impressed by it at all.

    Firstly;I honestly feel like the black female market is lucrative. One because we are influential and we are trend setters. We can make something or someone cool and the next minute kick it to the curb because we have THAT much influence in society globally than any other race and gender despite other social disadvantages and perceptions. We are cool and the world knows it - hence black appropriation of culture (another lengthily debate).

    If you want to make money quick and fast, appeal to the black female market and we will support your business fiercely and with loyalty because that's just who we are.

    Adding to the above point; 2016 has been a real year for movements centered around black woman loving themselves and being unapologetic about it. We have those who choose to fight it, those who want to hijack it and those who want to take advantage of it.

    Now we have okes coming out declaring their love and support for us to gain popularity and love from us as if they are our saviors and making profit from it.

    Don't get me wrong there are genuine guys who really are about uplifting women and are true feminists in their own right, but I'm certainly not here for the ones who prey on us just to use what we have to offer as a brand marketing tool.

  6. I've viewed several of Jacob's videos now and, well, let's just say I'm in two minds about people who make these sort of videos.

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