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About Us

CHICA is a collaborative platform of sisterhood, love and trust.

Run by a team of highly opinionated women with brilliant minds and ideas, CHICA is a fun place for women to connect and have relevant, thought provoking conversations about issues that affect us daily. We are a platform that promotes positivity and we aim to build a learning space and networking platform for the liberated women in Africa..

We are adventurous women who enjoy life, and look beautiful doing it. We look out for one another but we are unapologetic about the standards we expect of one another.

By sharing original content that is entertaining, engaging, relatable and fresh, CHICA offers urban women a safe space to be themselves, take control of their lives and connect with like minded women.

CHICA's promise to our readers is that we will NOT be boring! We will make our readers smile, we'll make them think and we will give them lots to talk about. It’s Girl Talk About Love, Life & Everything In Between.

Meet the Team

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